Release Notes 2.0.5

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StoredSafe v2.0.5

Release Notes

Finally again! Over 80 issues/tickets/requests has been taken care of.
The biggest change is that the we released support for TOTP based authentication for both the normal StoredSafe app but also for the 2FA module. There has also been a major overhaul of the OS with alot of changes under the hood in order to stay more current.


• Patches patches and patches, not specifically to StoredSafe but the underlaying OS and such.
• TOTP 2FA for login and such.
• Improved and clearer shoulder-surfing protection (ESC key)
• Improved random harvesting in certain situations.
• FSP Tweaked.


• There is added functionality for audit logging.
• Files drag’n’drop now has a more logical colouring scheme
• New login tab for other methods, look for even more in a near future.
• Next release will most likely be a overhaul of the UI.
• Input improvements for the search dialogue.


• Some minor tweaks and bugfixes.
• Rework for the new plattform.


• Major changes, basically everything has changed, i do mean everything ranging from everyday binaries, kernels to systemd/dbus etc.



Fluffy stuff

• Now availible as a Service, and soon as virtual appliance, contact sales for more information/details.