StoredSafe in Bangkok

Added by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

We attended a Cyber Security event together with our new corporate partner Ciptor Asia at the Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok on January 30. "The Importance of Swedish Innovative IT Companies - The Cyber Vikings - coming to Thailand with innovative products and services."

Many thanks to Ciptor Asia, but also Mr. Bernard Collins, CEO of SafeComs and Khun Ekaluck, General Manager of WCT.

Radius improvments

Added by Peter Norin over 9 years ago

The Radius server has gotten some improvements such as

  • Added support for per client choice of radius mode
  • Added support for per client choice of backend mode
  • Added support for otp-bypass for service accounts
  • Added support for opportunistic TLS for yubico auth, if you have self or organisational signed certs
  • Fixed display of logs from both radius nodes
  • Added support to forward the original Calling-Station-id

    Also available in: Atom