StoredSafe v2.2.3

Release Notes

Over 100 issues/tickets/requests has been taken care of.


  • CSRF protection even when not logged in
  • Thanks to wider support for HTML5 in major browsers, we finally have a copy-to-paste buffer button
  • CORS headers now only affects REST endpoints
  • max_numeric_chars in PCI-DSS policy removed
  • Username are now logged on failed logins
  • MFA method is logged
  • Deactivated users are now immediately invalidated
  • FSP tweaked
  • Patches not specifically to StoredSafe, but to the underlaying OS


  • Revamped UI
  • New Icons
  • Improvements for drag-and-drop of files
  • Support for per user color schemes
  • Parsing for .pem, .der and .cer X.509 files
  • More file types available for preview
  • Templates with additional encrypted fields are now not decrypted by default in workbench


  • Support for bonding
  • Support for searching in the audit log
  • Improvements to the undelete function
  • Additions to the installation wizard
  • Some minor tweaks and bugfixes


  • Improvements for HA


  • Under certain conditions SSH host keys was saved multiple times