StoredSafe Documentation

Documentation on the products is divided in three main categories:

  • StoredSafe User Guide describes what an everyday user needs to know about StoredSafe and it's web interface. It includes information for both normal StoredSafe users and StoredSafe User Administrators.
  • StoredSafe User Administrator Guide is for StoredSafe User administrators. A StoredSafe User administrator has the ability to create new StoredSafe users, delete existing users and optionally examine the audit logs.
  • StoredSafe System Administration Guide is for the StoredSafe System Administrator. A StoredSafe System Administrators configures all the technical details needed for your StoredSafe appliance operations, such as network configuration, system management, backup management and key escrow (if enabled).
  • StoredSafe REST-like API StoredSafe REST-like API enables 3:d parties to develop GUI:s and applications to access, manage and share information stored in your StoredSafe Appliance. Version 1.0 of RESTlike API was released with the 2.0.4 release (2017-03-22)