StoredSafe v2.0.4

Release Notes

Finally! This release has taken a bit longer than we would expect but there is a lot of changes. Over 100 issues/tickets/requests has been taken care of.
The biggest change is that the version 1.0 REST-like API is now in place. There is also much new stuff for the certificate module.
For sake of clarity and easier understanding what was once called a group is now called vault.
This does not change the behaviour at all but makes it clearer what it actually is, a group is a vault protecting its objects.


• Patches patches and patches, not specifically to StoredSafe but the underlaying OS and such.
• CSP implemented.
• More tweaks for CSRF/XSS


• There is added functionality for audit logging.
• Files are now drag’n’drop instead of picker.
• Some wording in policies has been fixed to more accurately describe the actual policy.
• Fixed some login annoyance with stale sessions.


• API keys can now be generated from the console for accessing the API.
• Added more space in the arrays for local firewall rules.
• There is now a undelete function for accidental delete of objects.
• Automated restore function.


The REST-Like API is here which means that you can use your favourite programming language to access the resources or write your own client of WEBUI.
We have some ideas for browser extensions that might pop up. Also there is some thoughts about Ansible/Puppet plugins, stay tuned.
• Logging has been approved.
• An embryo of PubSub has been implemented as our internal messaging system.
• New garbage collector for sessions.


• 2FA now correctly sends NAS-Identifier as attribute.
• Support for Multiple backends and failover between them.