Certificate StoredSafe

PKI is a business opportunity enabler. However, faulty configurations and poor control, pose a major risk. Most companies today rely on several different PKI components and vendors to achieve and secure inter-system data transfer, cross organizational communication, client logon and system access.

Certificate StoredSafe will reduce your risk significantly as well as improving your incident response capability by raising your control level and helps you monitor, alert and respond to operational risks posed by any certificate in you environment without vendor specific limitations.

Example of usage of your one stop shop for PKI information:
  • Store and share your keys and passphrases
  • Store and share certificate meta data.
  • Dynamic triggering and alert of critical information.
  • Multiple-person control for access to high-impact keys, such as root CAs.
  • Store PKI artifacts, such as HSM passwords and backups
  • Tamper-evident containers to store sensitive artifacts.
  • Maintained inventory of all sensitive PKI artifacts and their locations.

StoredSafe audit engine will maintain a chain of custody for your PKI-artifacts.

This product is the one storing certificate signing requests, certificates, certificate key files and sensitive information related to your PKI-Infratstructure.

Key features: