Virtual or not?

Q - Can I run StoredSafe as a virtual appliance?
A - No, unfortunately not, however, for good reasons. Please see more about why at ”Why not virtual”

What if I lose an escrow YubiKey?

Q - What happens if I lose one or both of my escrow YubiKeys?
A - If you lose one of you YubiKeys for your escrow user you lose half your passphrase to your escrow users secret key, this means that your in trouble, we strongly suggest that you keep your escrow YubiKeys in two different fireproof safes. If you would like to secure your escrow functionality even more, you can add multiple escrow users. In that way you are able to store a pair of keys at your disaster recovery site.

Help! I've lost my password!

Q - How do i help a user who has forgotten their password?
A - No worries, just follow the Lost password guideline