StoredSafe 2.0: StoredSafe in Bangkok

Added by Redmine Admin over 9 years ago

We attended a Cyber Security event together with our new corporate partner Ciptor Asia at the Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok on January 30. "The Importance of Swedish Innovative IT Companies - The Cyber Vikings - coming to Thailand with innovative products and services."

Many thanks to Ciptor Asia, but also Mr. Bernard Collins, CEO of SafeComs and Khun Ekaluck, General Manager of WCT.

StoredSafe 2.0: Radius improvments

Added by Peter Norin over 9 years ago

The Radius server has gotten some improvements such as

  • Added support for per client choice of radius mode
  • Added support for per client choice of backend mode
  • Added support for otp-bypass for service accounts
  • Added support for opportunistic TLS for yubico auth, if you have self or organisational signed certs
  • Fixed display of logs from both radius nodes
  • Added support to forward the original Calling-Station-id

    Also available in: Atom