Backend Auth Menu

This menu is for setting the default backend authentication mode for the radius clients if that option isn't set on a per client basis.

│             Backend Auth Menu on xx (Version 2.x.x build xxxx)             │

│1│View/Change Default Backend                                               │
│2│View/Change AD/LDAP Name                                                  │
│3│View/Change AD/LDAP Host                                                  │
│4│View/Change External Radius Host                                          │
│5│View/Change External Radius Secret                                        │
│6│View/Change External Radius port                                          │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)              

Main> Modules> Radius> Settings> Backend>


This is where you configure the AD/LDAP name and server that will be used for the ldap-bind, which will validate the user. No service accounts is needed, but connectivity to the AD/LDAP server is needed.

Radius Mode.

This is where you configure the backend radius server and its port and secret. ( The Storedsafe Radius has to be configured as a Radius Client to the backend radius.)