This menu allows you to display Radius postauth logs, keep in mind that there is also logging done via syslog.

│                  Logging on xx (Version 2.x.x build xxxx)                  │

│1│View Logs from Database                                                   │
│2│Search Logs in Database                                                   │
│3│Purge Logs from local Database                                            │
│4│Enable/Disable or set max age for Logs in local Database                  │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)              

Main> Modules> Radius> Logs>

1. View Logs from Database

Display all postauth logs, when done with local database ha peers logs will be displayed if in HA mode

2. Search Logs in Database

Search logs based on accept or denys or a specific username.

3. Purge Logs from local Database

Purge the logs in the database, does not affect syslog entries.

4. Enable/Disable or set max age for Logs in local Database

This option enables you to define auto ageout of logs in the local radpostauth database so that it wont grow out of control, recommended setting would be a few days, but you can also disable it by setting it to 0