Replace a lost Yubikey for a user

Replace a lost Yubikey for a user is used if a user has lost or misplaced his/her Yubikey, note that this operation will replace ALL current yubikeys for this user. To manage multiple yubikeys assigned to a single user the web interface must be used.

Replace ALL Yubikeys for a user

  2) Keiran Lenox        
  3) Jamey Colin         
  4) Vergil Maverick     

User? (q to quit) <4>: 4

Login:               vergil
Fullname:            Vergil Maverick
Yubikey clientid:    cccccccxyzzy
PGP Fingerprint:     B5F2049839D4ED31AA872F33063C21BA95E66268
Permissions:         130 (Create vaults, Active)
Vault membership:    "DMZ" "Intranet" 

Do you want to replace any active Yubikeys for this user? (<Y>/n): 

StoredSafe supports adding up to 3 Yubikeys per user. This procedure will
replace ANY existing yubikey for the selectec user. Additional yubikeys
can be added back via the web UI afterwards.

New Yubikey client id (Press ONCE on the NEW Yubikey): cccccccxyzzzjfljhiligbvgrgikcdeivdjldunvllvj
Change Yubikey from "cccccccxyzzy" to "cccccccxyzzz" for the user "Vergil Maverick"? (<Y>/n):  

Press any key to continue

User? (q to quit) <4>: q