StoredSafe History

The idea of StoredSafe spawned from years of security audits where a common problem in storing passwords and tools lacking on a enterprise level became apparent.

Today it´s very common companies uses tools that are not designed for documenting passwords, such as an excel spreadsheet protected by a password or even plain text files on shared network resources. It is also quite common to use personal tools for storing passwords. However, these tools are usually protected by a single master password and have no user management, nor any audit capabilities.

A system design was finished in 2010 and our first product, Password StoredSafe, hit the market in 2011. The primary objective of Password StoredSafe is to store and share passwords as well as critical information related to your passwords on a need to know basis with a full audit trail.

As our customer base grew, we soon understood that the need to store and share sensitive information, without having to indirectly share it with system administrators and sourcing partners, was a great challenge with current solutions. Based on customer feedback and market research we started to rapidly develop additional products based on our secure platform, to meet the markets need for confidentiality.

Today we have several products that helps our customer to stay compliant with regulatory requirements, IT-departments and sourcing vendors to assure confidentiality of critical information and adding two-factor authentication to critical systems within a few hours.

Our customers represent a wide range of businesses and proves us right when we say that the need for confidentiality and audit capability is needed in all business segments.

Our products currently serves:

  • Finance Industry
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Gaming Industry
  • Sourcing vendors
  • Retail industry
  • And more!