Configure backup settings

Backup schedules

Available schedules

0 - Backup disabled (NOT recommended)
1 - Backup every hour
2 - Backup every 6:th hour
3 - Backup every 12:th hour
4 - Backup every 24:th hour

Backup schedule? <0>: 1

Local backup retention

How many days should the local backup copies be saved before being removed?

Save local backups for number of days? <5>: 


A PGP public key is required to encrypt all backups.

1) Backup User #1 <> (64bit PGP Keyid: 0xF6A2DDF50B030231)
2) Backup User #2 <> (64bit PGP Keyid: 0x90DB55393055099F)

PGP KeyID to use for backups? <>: 2
Using 64bit PGP KeyID "90DB55393055099F" 

Destination host

To what host (FQDN or IP address) should backups be transferred to?

Host or IP? <>:
SSH listens on? <>: 443

Destination user

What user should be used to authenticate the transfers to

SSH user <>: backup

SSH Public key

A SSH key pair will be used to authenticate all transfers to

Locally available SSH keys:


SSH key <Backup-SSH-Key-2>: Backup-SSH-Key-1

Destination directory

To what directory on should the backups be transferred to?

Destination directory <>: node1/

Current Settings

Backup schedule:  1 (Every hour)
Retention days:   5 (Number of days to keep backup on-line, locally)
PGP KeyID:        90DB55393055099F (Encrypt all backups with this PGP KeyID)
Host:    (Transfer backups to this remote host)
User:             backup (Remote user to authenticate as on "")
Directory:        node1/ (Transfer to this directory on "")
SSH port:         443 (SSH port on "")
SSH Public key:   Backup-SSH-Key-1 (Local SSH key used to authenticate "backup@")

Is the configuration acceptable? (<Y>/n): y
Write configuration to disk? (<Y>/n): y

Press any key to continue