Manage System features

System features can be added per request from a customer or updated to reflect new needs.
  • Password policies sets restrictions on what type of passwords are acceptable in a group.
  • Object templates defines what can be stored in an object, what fields should be available and what type of information and what to encrypt.
  • Filesystem policies dictates permission and ownership of system files and directories in the StoredSafe appliance.
│                              System Features                               │

│1│View installed System features                                            │
│2│Install new Password Policies                                             │
│3│Install new Object Templates                                              │
│4│Install new Filesystem Policies                                           │
│5│Restore Password Policies backup                                          │
│6│Restore Object Templates backup                                           │
│7│Restore Filesystem Policies backup                                        │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)              

Main> Provisioning> System Features> 
  1. View installed System features
  2. Install new Password Policies
  3. Install new Object Templates
  4. Install new Filesystem Policies
  5. Restore Password Policies backup
  6. Restore Object Templates backup
  7. Restore Filesystem Policies backup