PGP Export an existing PGP key pair

Export a backup PGP key pair

The corresponding PGP secret key used for the backups is required to decrypt
backups, hence it needs to be stored securely offsite.

1) Backup User #1 <> (64bit PGP Keyid: 0xF6A2DDF50B030231)
2) Backup User #2 <> (64bit PGP Keyid: 0x90DB55393055099F)

Export what PGP KeyID? <90DB55393055099F>: 2
Insert a USB disk and press enter when ready. Ready? (<Y>/n): 
Ready to export the PGP key to "/mnt/usb"? (<Y>/n): 
Copying the PGP secret key to "/mnt/usb/90DB55393055099F.key" 
The PGP key "90DB55393055099F" was successfully exported to "/mnt/usb" 

Press any key to continue