StoredSafe Audit Engine

Audit – Remove the Guesswork

With our audit engine StoredSafe will always know what information have been viewed and to whom. For example, instead of being forced to change hundreds of passwords, you will only need to change the ones that has actually been exposed to now unauthorized individuals.

All operations in StoredSafe Secure Platform are logged and auditable in our convenient and easy to use audit interface. The StoredSafe audit engine provides full audit trail to assure compliance with the most comprehensive regulatory frameworks and business operations requirements.

Key features:

  • Audit trail reports can easily be produced by an auditor without access to critical information.
  • Audit information can be exported as text files (.csv) to enable additional data-mining, without revealing business critical information.
  • Find out who has actually read information that they had access to
  • How many passwords are currently compliant with your passwordpolicy


Working with the Audit Log