USB disk management

USB disks are used under certain circumstances by the StoredSafe appliance, both at installation to export key material and when upgrading firmware.

│                    USB on node1 (Version 2.x.x build xxxx)                  │

│1│Show content of USB disk                                                   │
│2│Show content of /isodevice/var/transfer                                    │
│3│Copy content of /isodevice/var/transfer to a USB disk                      │
│4│Remove content on /isodevice/var/transfer                                  │
│5│Unmount any mounted USB disk                                               │

Remove content on /isodevice/var/transfer (Q to Quit)

Main> System Settings> USB>
  1. Show content of USB disk
  2. Show content of /var/root
  3. Copy content of /var/root to a USB disk
  4. Unmount any mounted USB disk