Add Web firewall rules

Input of new networks or IP addresses is somewhat modeled after how BSD handles multiple input,
e.g. use a single dot (".") alone on a line to mark end of input.

Web access (port 80/TCP, 443/TCP) is currently permitted from

Allow WEB access to the StoredSafe appliance from up to 10 networks.
(Use IPv4 or IPv6 with CIDR notation, or 2001:db8:cafe::/48)

Press return to keep the suggested <DEFAULT> values. To end input at any time,
simply enter a single dot (.) and press return.

Network #0 (. to end input, Q to Quit) <>:
Network #1 (. to end input, Q to Quit) <.>: 

By default, the appliance redirects unencrypted requests on port 80
to port 443, however it is possible to turn off this redirection.

Allow access on port 80 (HTTP)? (y/<N>): y
Save the new configuration? (<Y>/n): y
Activate the new configuration? (<Y>/n): y

Rule added

Old rules will not be removed until next reboot of the appliance,
unless they are manually removed thru "Remove active firewall rules" 

Press any key to continue