Network Settings

Various aspects of system administration tasks can be accomplished from this submenu, ranging from IP settings to setting a fixed duplex for a network card.

│              Network Settings on node1 (Version 2.0.X build XXXX)          │

│1│IP (IPv4 and IPv6) settings                                               │
│2│Firewall Management                                                       │
│3│DNS settings                                                              │
│4│SNMP Settings                                                             │
│5│Time Settings                                                             │
│6│Syslog Settings                                                           │
│7│Hostname settings                                                         │
│8│Network card settings                                                     │
│9│Network connectivity tests                                                │

Move the cursor or enter a it's corresponding number (Q to Quit)              

Main> System Settings> Network> 
  1. IP (IPv4 and IPv6) settings
  2. Firewall Management
  3. DNS settings
  4. SNMP Settings
  5. Time Settings
  6. Syslog Settings
  7. Hostname settings
  8. Network card settings
  9. Network connectivity tests